Beloved tool .

Is there something you keep using with attachment for a long time?

When it gets older, you may buy a new one. If it gets broken, you may buy a new one.

Under the circumstance that such values penetrate and the passion to use a tool for

long decreases sharply, our motto and proposal are to create your own knife for your life,

namely, only one knife in the world.

Fun to Shave, Fun to Use

Create a one-of-a-kind knife. Design a handle by carving a custom handle.  Our kit has everything you need to make a knife without all the required expertise. Transform the pieces in our kit into a beautiful work of art, or a perfect functional piece.

A Variety of Ideas to Customize Your Knife Handle

What is your image of the perfect handle design? Experiment utilizing wood-burning, engraving, painting and pattern design to create the ultimate handle. Personalize it with an initial or phrase, and finish your creation with a dark brown wax or a simple coat of oil.

Professional “Hamono”

Our very own craftsmen utilize traditional Japanese steel-making to create “Yasuki” steel. This high quality metal is stronger and more elastic, helping to promote the longevity of the blade. The Hamomo is ideal for knife enthusiasts that seek precise, smoother cuts.



This knife size and shape are ideally designed for wood carving.Laminated steel blade which is made by the same method as traditional Japanese knives. Carve wooden handle to the shape you like and finish the surface by sandpaper. Then, assemble the handle and blade with screws. 


This folding knife is precisely designed for easy-to-use and ideal for many different application like outdoor activities or cooking. The parts can be disassembled for easy maintenance. The angle of blade is delicately designed and sharpened to achieve good cutting performance like fine kitchen knives.


We are expanding our “It’s my knife” project based on “ENJOY WOODWORKING” concept. This time, we design and propose “Customized Kitchen Knives” as a new lineup to match your cooking and entertaining style.