It’s my knife


Original knife kit "It's my knife kitchen", crafting your own kitchen knife by carving the wooden handle and assembling original parts. 

For the material of handles, we select “Burmese Teak”  which are superb in durability and waterproofness yet easy to carve and process. The structure of the knife is simple, and you can assemble only by using one hex key contained in a kit. For the blade, we select Japanese Yasuki special stainless steel “Silver Paper Steel No.3”, which is highly evaluated by professional chefs world-wide.

We offer 2 styles “SANTOKU (multi-purpose)” and “Petty” knife in different length.


It's my knife Petit for beginner

Compact body, it is easy to handle and great for fine work. As well as peeling vegetables and fruits,you can slice meat and fish to a certain extent.


It's my knife Santoku for beginner

The name of Santoku is already well-known as the most popular type of Japanese kitchen knives.

It translates as “three virtues (uses) ” and refers to the three types of cuts i.e. slicing, dicing and mincing.