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One-of-a kind Damascus Iron
Wave Patterns

We use premium laminate forged stainless steel called Damascus steel for our blades.

Damascus steel is stronger and more elastic, so its sharpness lasts longer than others.
It is also highly corrosion resistant, so it resists rust.

In addition, the core tip of the blades are made with high carbon stainless steel called "VG-10" to achieve sharper edges.
Our blades are laminate forged one-by-one by our craftsman to create a beautiful ripple design reminiscent of traditional Japanese swords. Each blade is crafted individually, so no two pieces are the same.

Natural Material Handles

Our knife handles are only made with natural materials like acetate resin, Yoshino Cedar and Deer horn.

Natural materials improve with use, and become more attractive over time.
Our handles are of the highest quality, and last for a lifetime.


Cellulose acetate is made from a plant-based fiber of cotton and pure grade pulp. Plant based resin is gentle and causes less allergic reactions to sensitive skin. In addition, it is more transparent than oil-based resin, so it can be warmer and express colors more brightly.

Yoshino Cedar

Yoshino Cedar is one of the luxury timbers of Japan. It has a beautiful surface with a straight grain pattern formed by uniform, but dense, rings. By applying natural silica combination oil, we were able to make our timber more water repellent and strong without sacrificing its handsome texture. This makes it more suitable for a variety of applications in various environments. Yoshino Cedar is sustainably planted and harvested from one of the oldest plantation forests in the world, dating back to the 16th century.

Deer Horn

Deer are considered messengers of the gods in the Shinto religion, and have been treated as such in Japan since ancient times. Because of its sacred image, deer horns have been treasured as a symbol of power by nobles, and used as good luck charms. In the Sengoku period, many warlords wore war helmets decorated with deer horns. Deer horn handles have both unique shapes and high-contrast color as a hint to their natural origins.



Nagel Slide

Our Nagel Slide is a versatile and portable slide-type knife that you can use as a multipurpose tool for cutting and shaving. It is suitable to use indoors and outdoors.


Nagel Knife

Our Nagel Knife is a small-blade knife convenient to use as an everyday cutting tool. This high-quality knife can also be used as a pencil-sharpening tool, or to display alongside stationary on your desk.


Paper Knife

Its premium Damascus steel blade gives this paper knife exceptional precision to smoothly open a letter with almost no effort.


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