”It's my knife SANTOKU" was introduced by super popular YouTuber "EMOJOIE CUISINE" who has 800,000 registrants...

Carbon steel has a sharp edge and is easy to sharpen. So,many professional chefs and craftsmen love it. But it is easy to rust...

Dull knives are dangerous because a dull blade requires more force to do the job and so has a higher chance of slipping...


We use premium laminate forged stainless steel called Damascus steel for our blades.

Damascus steel is stronger and more elastic, so its sharpness lasts longer than others.
It is also highly corrosion resistant, so it resists rust.

In addition, the core tip of the blades are made with high carbon stainless steel called "VG-10" to achieve sharper edges. Our blades are laminate forged one-by-one by our craftsman to create a beautiful ripple design reminiscent of traditional Japanese swords. Each blade is crafted individually, so no two pieces are the same.

Create a one-of-a-kind knife. Design a handle by carving a custom handle.  Our kit has everything you need to make a knife without all the required expertise. Transform the pieces in our kit into a beautiful work of art, or a perfect functional piece.


We have distributers in other countries outside Japan.

If you are intersted in our products, please do not hesitate to fill in the blanks to contact us. Our distributers or retailers will make contact to you. Thanks!